What is a "Climate Positive Website"?

A climate positive website means that the website takes more carbon out of the atmosphere than it creates.

How is this website "Climate Positive"?

Basker Roberts uses a hosting provider with a firm commitment to both reducing and offsetting carbon emissions. 98% of its power usage comes from renewable energy sources covering the vast majority of web hosting servers and their offices. The remaining 2% is offset in partnership with the amazing team at Ecologi who plant trees, invest in carbon capture projects, as well as carbon emission reducing community projects around the globe. If that wasn't enough, they are also offsetting what their carbon emissions would have been were they not using renewable energy sources AND they have committed to offsetting all of the carbon that they've created in the 20 years since they launched their business!

Now that's what we call CLIMATE POSITIVE ACTION!

What are the benefits of having a Climate Positive website?

Firstly, having a website that does more good to the planet than harm is ALWAYS going to be a good thing. Secondly, from a business perspective, having a climate positive website supports your reduction of Scope 3 carbon emissions. Scope 3 carbon emissions are all about your business' supply chain and are reported on and monitored as part of any business' commitment to reaching net zero carbon emissions by 2050. Thirdly, we ALL have a responsibility to reduce the impact each and every one of us is having on our planet.  It is no longer "their responsibility" - today, it is "our collective responsibility" to all do our bit.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your Climate Positive Website Digital Badge today!

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